Below is a sampling of the work we perform. We invite you to browse through the photos. Please contact us for references and to discuss any of these projects or your project in greater detail.

OR Lounge Renovation at Mercy Medical Center Hospital

Renovation of women’s lounge for the operation room wing. Most of the work was conducted during hospital live operations. Work required additional verification prior to proceeding to ensure there was no effect on the live systems. Containment area constructed, the use of air scrubbers, and the requirement to have an extremely clean work site. Work included demolition of existing load bearing CMU wall, erection of steel and temporary shoring, new metal stud walls, painting, MEP and flooring finishes. Significant plumbing changes required on multiple floors to relocate restrooms and associated plumbing. Clean work around operation and sterile environment.

Cooridor Renovation at Mercy Medical Center Hospital

Renovation of corridor within live hospital facility. Off hours and modified working schedule to coordinate with live operations of hospital. Multiple fire rated walls and doors, relocation of roof drains, and other MEP items and replacement of building expansion joint between two structures made this project unique and complicated. Special coordination for work on medical gases and fire sprinkler relocation with hospital staff. Clean work around operation and sterile environment.

Glide Medical Building Mold Remediation

This project involved remediation of significant mold damage. Select areas required demolition and exposure to verify extend of the infected areas. Containment barriers were used with air scrubbers and certified mold technicians for abatement. Demolished areas were then rebuilt upon mold removal.