Guion Randol Contracting Inc. is a general contractor that performs commercial construction projects of all sizes. We have a wide range of experience including: retail, restaurants, government/public works, infrastructure and site development, mid-rise office buildings, medical and dental office buildings, not for profit foundations, hospital renovations and tenant improvement work within live operations.

Depending on the client’s needs, their situation, and the status of their project we can perform all of the tasks that may be needed throughout the entire construction process.

Estimating & Budgeting

We can prepare a detailed budget based on very preliminary drawings, building walk-thru’s with architects and owners, and even hand sketches. The more information we have, the more accurate our budget. This process is extremely important as it gives the Owner a preliminary cost for their project and will help determine financing, the size and scope of the project, its schedule, and the viability of the project. We understand this importance and budget the project realistically such that the costs are not undervalued to ensure the project is built, and not overvalued to protect the budget. It is a realistic approach to budgeting and estimate what the actual project cost will be.

Constructability Review

This is where we take your set of drawings and construction documents and perform a thorough review of them. We review them for things such as; coordination between different design disciplines (architectural, structural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, civil, etc.), drawing completeness (are details provided, properly referenced, and is the information sufficient to build from), constructability (can what is drawn be built and are there better, easier, and more cost effective ways in which to achieve the same desired outcome), are the finishes specified within the Owner’s budget, etc. Our constructability review helps the design team to create a more complete set of drawings, eliminate scope gaps and help reduce subcontractor bid prices and changes during construction. All of these help the project to run more smoothly and come in on budget.


We will develop a critical path method (CPM) schedule for your project. The initial schedule will be preliminary, identifying major activities and significant milestones. Prior to subcontractor awards and bidding, this preliminary schedule will be expanded upon to include all construction activities and their relationships to each other, and milestones such as “watertight”, “permanent power”, “start tenant improvements”, and “substantial completion”. This schedule is one the most important tools we use to keep the project on schedule and to adjust the schedule for delays or making up lost time if the schedule is not being met. Being able to create this schedule will allow the Owner to coordinate tenants, plan for rent schedules, purchase equipment, put in place marketing activities, and understand the construction process.

General Contracting

As your general contractor, we are responsible to construct the project to meet the design criteria, maintain the project schedule, keep final construction costs within budget, and achieve customer delight. We start with the solicitation of subcontractor bids, review them and award subcontracts, and then superintend these subcontractors to facilitate the activities in the field and manage all of the paperwork required on the project. We will produce, maintain and update the project schedule throughout the project. We produce, implement safety programs, perform quality control, and are very organized to ensure the design documents are met. We are fair, hardworking, and believe that the construction process should be enjoyable.


For those clients who prefer the design-build process, we are very adept with this approach and can help our client take full advantage of the benefits of this method. Whether our client selects the architect and structural engineer and we perform the design-build of the MEP systems or whether we hire the entire design team, we are able to help our client benefit from this approach with an expedited schedule, efficient programming of floor space, building systems that are coordinated and functioning with one another, and reduced impacts from changes. Getting us involved early during the design-build process is encouraged and will help the project take on much more of a team feeling amongst the members.

Construction Management

As the Owner’s representative, we are your eyes and ears on the project. Depending on our client’s request, GRC can be involved with architect and engineer selection, general contractor bidding and award, day to day oversight, completion and turnover activities, schedule and change order review, shop drawing review and quality control inspections. We are able to adjust our workforce and level of involvement based on your needs.